Kevin Wilford is also a qualified Civil Mediation Council (‘CMC’), Mediator and can assist you in any formal Civil/Commercial or ‘Workplace’ mediation you require.

Mediation allows parties in dispute to explore other, possible paths to resolution, without recourse to the Courts or to Employment Tribunals.

Compared to litigation, mediation can offer several advantages, including:

  • It can take place at the time of the parties’ choice and usually lasts up to one day;
  • Costs are fixed and agreed and are usually shared by the participants;
  • Parties can speak and be heard in a safe, relaxed and informal environment;
  • The parties themselves are in control of the outcome, not the Courts or Tribunals;
  • The mediator acts as a ‘facilitator’ and not as a Judge;
  • The process is confidential, impartial and totally without prejudice.
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How Mediation Works

If you decide that mediation is suitable for you, we will then send you a referral form. This provides details of the parties involved and a brief history of the dispute.

We will then agree and confirm a time and date for the mediation. This can be at a location of your choice.

The parties will then attend the mediation, which will normally last the whole day so please be prepared.

Mediation Settlement Agreements can be drafted and signed on the day.

What will it cost?

All costs are per party and are based on the higher of the claim or counter claim.

Amount being claimed Fees per party Length of session
£5000 or less £100 1 hour – telephone/video mediation only
£5000 or less £150 2 hours – telephone/video mediation
£5000 to £15,000 £350 3 hours
£15,000 – £50,000 £500 4 hours

Each additional hour is charged at £100 per party.

Claims over £50,000 – are charged at 1% of claim per party.

The costs of the venue and refreshments are excluded and are billed as extras.

We can also help source a venue if required which will need two rooms as a minimum and be available from 30 minutes before the agreed start time.

Mediation can often be arranged with as little as two weeks’ notice.

“I recommend Kevin for his services in employment law and business relations. He helped me through a very difficult time when the relationship between my business partners went into severe meltdown. His knowledge, understanding, support, guidance and communication throughout the ordeal was first class. Quick to respond to any emergency, but always totally focused on the subject in hand. Kevin's attention to detail throughout was impeccable. I cannot thank Kevin enough. Kevin has now also become a personal friend.”

Nigel M, Contracts & Design Manager, Lichfield

“Kevin, a belated thank you for the way you dealt with my recent Tribunal case.
You went out of your way to make the situation a lot more bearable, contacted me out of hours and made the whole episode a lot less stressful!

More importantly, you delivered and bought the whole sorry mess to a satisfactory conclusion
Thank you once again.”

John F, Stafford